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July 25, 2014


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Cheryl Reinhardt

These are really neat! Never seen them before and would LOVE to try them out! ;)

Miriam Prantner

Love these mini placemats. Some really fun words!

Denise Bryant

These look awesome!

Nicole McNamara

I have used your placemats and I love them! 'Wake up and be awesome'a personal fav atm.

Jean Marmo

I don't like it, I LOVE it!!! Super fun!

Heather Thompson

I have so many idea's going through my head right now with these!! very awesome.


Ooooh, these are awesome!!! Sadly, I have never tried your placemats but would love to start!!

Kelly O

Loved the last version of these and am excited for the new version.

TracyM #6773

I confess that I haven't used Placemats before BUT I LOVE what I see!!! Each new set looks like SO MUCH FUN :)

Patti Grogan

I love all the placemats. Have to agree that "You had me at hello" is my favorite!! Would love to have these!!

Enza g

Fun, fun! Thank you for the chance.


Wow these look fantastic. Would be marvelous to win. Thanks so much for a chance!!!


I have not had the chance to use them yet. But I would love to! Those look awesome!!! They are all the rage and I would love to try then out!

Marcia scantlin

I haven't used these before. I do love the 12 x 12 placemats. They're the best for those of us that don't own die cut machines. Please come out with more.

Earlene Bost

These mini placemats are the B-0-M-B! Can't wait to get them. Lovin' the 'You had me at Hello', too. Got to get that.


These look like a fun embellishment for a project. I haven't tried them before so will definitely look for them at my scrap store.

Bethany Becker

These look like so much fun. I really like the wake up and be awesome !


I've never used them, but I'd like to. They're adorable!

Lisa Hinson

These are really cute. I have not tried them yet but seeing them here makes me want to try them.

Suzy Gray

These are great!

See you next week in Atlanta.


I OF COURSE love these! Love all the placemats

Lu L.

I have never used Placemats before, but they look so versatile!

Laurar Turcotte

LOVE, LOVE the mini placemats!! And there's more??!! AWESOME! i agree, they are all the rage!!!!

Laurel Seabrook

Definitely can't have enough of the mini placements!!!

Cynthia B.

These are awesome! No, I haven't used your placemats before. *blush*
I keep telling myself that I can cut myself some from my Silhouette, but gosh, how much simpler - and cuter - would it be to get these and have all the sayings and cool designs ready to go?! All the rage! :)

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