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July 06, 2016


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Steph F

I love the colours and the pineapple items are so cute. I love it all, cannot wait to get this collection! 😍


Great colors and patterns! Thanks for the chance!

Rebecca b

I love the corrugated letters!

Taunya Butler

This collection just screams COOL - I am just do crazy about the unique and fun pattern styles, the colors and all the fantastic add-ons that can be used. I think this is a really fun and awesome set that I want in my crafting world!!! Thank you so much!!!


OMG!!! The colors are out of this world, got to have this collection!!! :)

Katie B.

awww, I really love this collection! I love the colors, the dogs, the succulents, the wood veneers, the glassine bags. Awesome job! :) Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.

Lisa P

Love it! I got to the corrugated letters and my heart leapt because I've always loved your corrugated letters and missed them. I love the painted wood too!

Madeline Fox

OMGosh...happy to see the corrugated letters, an oldie but goodie! Beautiful collection!


corrugated alphas are my fav....i still have the old letter from an older collection you did...must search them out again!!!!

Jeannine H

This is very modern fall color scheme. Love it! And i especially love those glassine bags.


Love the softer colours! This is a beautiful collection!

Mary-Anne V.

I adore the colour combinations in this line.

Leah Burgett

Great collection! Love all the hearts!!


This collection has increased my heart rate! The colors are just so warm and playful, I love every single item. Can't wait for it to be released!

Lee-Anne Thornton

Love the colors and the dogs!

Lynne Gaudet

I love me anything doggie!!! Loving this new colletion!!!! The corrugated letters, especially the smiley face, are going to be really fun to play with! Thanks for the chance to win!

Rachel V

You had me at "glassine bags that are perfectly sized to hold a gift card on the front of a card".


This is gorgeous and would be awesome to use with my puppy Dixie that we have just celebrated having for 1 year today xxxx


So cute!! Great color palette!

{vicki} in ga

wood veneers....MMMMM

Bri Johnson

This is so super cute! Love the colors and especially love the doggie! Great job!


those bags! love this collection!

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