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July 10, 2017


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These are fun! The flat flowers of course are perfect for scrapbooking. I can see myself doing a wreath of some sort with the others! Love all the colors!

Michel Espey

I would use them on some type of wooden wall art. Thanks for the chance to win.

Laura Gauthier Turcotte

Flowers?? Felt??? Together?? YES, please!!! These look so beautiful and fun! Perfect for my projects!

yvette weber

These are FABULOUS!!!! I definitely can use these on my cards, scrapbook layouts and many of my home decorating projects! :))))

Pam Sohan

The flatter ones I would use on my scrapbook pages, the others could be used to decorate gift boxes or bags. Or to decorate a fall banner. Thanks for the chance to win.

Amy Cooley

These felt flowers are beautiful! I have a mini chalkboard and letter felt board that need a little jazzed up. These would be so pretty as a decoration. I would also use these for my cardmaking. Thanks!

Denise Bryant

These are so cute! I'd use them on cards! Pretty colors to choose from!

Cindy Coe

These are so pretty and fun! I would love to play with them on many papercrafting projects, gift wrapping and apparel.


These are so fun! I thibk they'd be too big for card making (?) but I think they'd make an adorable wreath ♡

Kelly Massman

these are beautiful! I think I would use these on photo frames and likely on scrapbook layouts!

Jean marmo

Ooohhh- love the flowers. I can use them for cards, scrapping and so much more.

Margaret Ankrom

Love these flowers! I would use them in card making. Often my cards are hand delivered so the thickness wouldn't matter.

Colleen hawley

Ohhhh so pretty. Use on gifts instead of bows and on my distressed boards

Giorgia Rossini

They are a great embellishment for cards, I just love them!


Ok that required me to wipe the drool from my iPad!! Those are so pretty. I love the colors and designs!!!


Oh...would have a ball of time using these cuties .
- scrapbooking , card making
- decorating my white ikea frames
- sprucing up a denim jacket
- dressing a plain white t-shirt , pillow covers
- shadow boxes
- decorating headbands , ponytail holders , clips for my daughter .
- making charms
- party banners

Adrienne O'Neill

Oh my good golly I am swooning. What wouldn't I use them on? My purse, my hair, my scrapbook pages, my fridge, picture frames. I love the whimsy and the beautiful colors. Thank you for producing these!!!

Beverly Sizemore

I think I might use them on a wreath for my glass room. :)

Barbara Sanchez

So cute! The possibilities are endless just add felt flowers to everything!!!

Brenda Lubrant

I love these felt flowers because of their brilliant colors. I would love to add them n my mixed media can


I always wanted to make the antlers on the wood that had the flowers in the center, these would be perfect for that


Beautiful flowers, would love to make a vine of sorts on the top wall using these flowers. Thanks for the chance!


oh my LOVE at first sight! I would use these to make headbands for my baby girl! And if anything was left I would use them on scrapbooking projects!!

Becky Williams

One of my girls loves to crochet hats and those would be a perfect addition. Headbands would be cute, too!

Anna Ekman

They are amazing! I will use them as hair accessoires and to get som pops of color with my green plants.

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