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January 09, 2019


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Karen Nuce

Quite lovely!!! Especially love the foam stickers, stamp set and epoxy shapes! Just another awesome line from Jillibean Soup.


I think this is my favourite collection this far by Jillibean Soup. The washi sheets and foam stickers along with the colours caught my eye immediately. My favourite phrase is inspire.


I love the gentle soul papers and the pea pod parts. The flowers and colors are so charming and make me happy 😊


I love the colors in this collection! Can't wait to get it.


I love the bikes and lemons and all the colors in this collection!! For sure on my wish list!!

Kristina Hein

Oh my goodness. The colors of this collection are fabulous! I'm totally in love with the paper. Especially Gentle Soul.

Andre M.

Gorgeous palette, I'm loving the dark teal shade in this collection. The papers and pea pod parts are always my fave, and I spy "it is well with my soul".

Lesley crane

Gorgeous colors! Love the houses!

Natalie Godfrey

Love the whole kit but my favorite is the "Bite Size Bits".

Donna White

I love the colors in the collection and the rows of houses paper if I had it all and a fabrics collection of it along with felt flowers I would be a happy soup girl!

Diana Poirier

My favourite phrase is "You're my person". This collection is just so pretty. Well done!! Love it!

Kerry P

WOW, OMG so gorgeous. I love the "she believed she could, so she did", this is how I raise my girls. No task is unreachable, sometimes you just have to reach higher.

Natalie  (QSOgirl)

This collection is so beautiful! I love the combo of light and dark teal with the lavender and dark yellow. oooooooh baby! My favorite pattern is the floral on "gentle soul" but both sides of "let go" are a very close second!

Elizabeth Moore

I love the foam words and epoxy stickers!


There's so much to love: the colors, the flowers, the hearts - it's all gorgeous!

Leslee Barrow

I am really drawn to the colours of this collection. The the washi sheets seem very practical rather than a whole role.

Amy G

I love the colors in this line. Would love to win!

Tammy Pipkin

This collection is fabulous...I love the soft colors and the designs are amazing. My fav phrase is You Are All Kinds of Wonderful.

Julie Shearer

I love it all but “ My Tribe “ is my favorite saying in this collection. Great job again Jillibean Soup!!

Cindy K.

Wonderful collection! My favorite paper is Gentle Soul & I love ALL THE QUOTES! But "It is well with my soul" speaks to me today 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!


SO PRETTY, I love the encouragement phrases throughout the entire collection. 'It is well with my soul' is my favorite phrase. would love to win this so much, thanks for the change.


It seems like you were inspired by my country. ;-) Amsterdam canal houses, bikes, flowers....as a Dutch girl (ehm...woman) I love this collection. Great colors too! I would love to win this collection. Thanks for the chance. Have a wonderful day. Ingrid x

Tamara Miera

This collection is just so pretty! The umbrellas and bicycles. Love! It is well with my soul! Yay!!


Oh my, such a versatile collection. Love me some Jillibean Soup. Love the quote: you are kinds of wonderful. Thank you for the chance to win 🥰

Jennifer Ingle

This is gorgeous! I particularly love the Trust the Journey paper... both the design and the name, which I needed to be reminded of today! Jinglesells@gmail.com

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