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February 07, 2020


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All in!!!! Love this!

Karen Nuce

Love this Jill! We are starting a kindness campaign at my school next week and I am going to give this list to all of my colleagues!


So kind! Love this!

Faye Warriner

I am totally in 😃


am in, thank you........

Andre M.

Fantastic initiative, so many of these are great ideas for my Girl Scouts group!


What an awesome campaign this is!! I'm in! :-)

Phyllis McPherson

I'm all in. Love this

Amber M.

I absolutely LOVE this campaign! Very coincidentally, I had planned this morning a series of dates when I would ensure that I do some very specific RAKs. Your list is wonderful! I do try to incorporate this type of kindness into my life every day, but I want to do more. Thank you for the inspiration!


I'm In! One thing I plan to do is keep various energy bars in my car so that I can give them to homeless people who are seeking help. I plan to make small encouragement tags to include too.


All in. Fabulous campaign - thank you!


I'm in! I am lead volunteer at a diaper bank called Helping Mamas. I love being able to help moms and their babies. It is so rewarding! Look forward to do more with this challenge!

Karen Ondes

I love this! I am in. We all can make a difference. I am sure of it. Thanks for the list. Lots of cool ideas to have my grandkids participate too!

susan carroll

This is wonderful! I am in! I already do some of these things, (volunteer at a food bank, pay it forward, write notes to veterans) but I am interested in doing some of the other things on this list in 2020! and I will share with my community of people to help move it forward!

Meghan Kennihan

In! I plan to do a lot of the things on your list!!!


Wow!!! This is an awesome campaign. Kindness does matter. I plan to use your list with my grandkids and encourage them to add their ideas.

Jennifer Stahr

I am totally in! Love this idea! Thanks Jillibean!

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